6 Mar 2014

Chantecaille 'Save the Bees' Palette.

New Product News - Spring 2014

Chantecaille the luxury skincare and makeup brand have launched a new eye and cheek palette that not only will keep you looking beautiful but is also helping to save our bees and keep our planet safe!

 5% of all their proceeds of the palette go towards The Xerces Society who help to protect the bee among many other invertebrates.

Chantecaille's palette colours compliment the trends on the runway for Spring 2014 which includes a soft blue eyeshadow called 'Sky' and 'Beehive' a lightly smoked grey.

'Honey' is a versatile gorgeous gold/bronze highlighter that can be used on both eyes and cheeks, and a coral/pink 'Nectar Blush'.  The colours are also refillable.

The mission of The Xerces Society, a nonprofit organisation that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat and has been established since 1971. Through means that include education and research from scientists and enthusiasts it is groundbreaking in conservation programs. 

Chantecaille's campaign encourage you to sign the 'Polliator pledge' and further information on The Xerces Society can be found on the website.

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