5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Beauty

I hope you have some lovely plans for the bank holiday, but if you have a minute or two please take the time to peruse over these great products. The Laura Mercier Creme Smooth lipstick in Palm Beach, I discussed in my previous post May Spring Beauty Haul so take a look at that too. I have to admit that I go mad with my perfume. I use too much and go through them at a rate of knots, so I am constantly having to buy a new bottle which is an annoying and expensive habit! This is one of my favourites. Attractive already with the beautiful blue packaging that's reminiscent of Aegean sea, Blue Mediterraneo, Bergamotto di Calabria by Aqua Di Parma is gorgeous. Although it has a strong and intense fragrance which you would expect from a bergamot based scent, it is long lasting and still suitable for summer as it is off-set by the citron elements. It has a floral scent but will suit those of us who like a little spiciness, with red ginger and cedar wood and the complementary base notes of vetiver, musk and benzion. If this particular smell doesn't float your boat, they have other scents in the range you may prefer.

Now, I really like this brush by Kevyn Aucoin Foundation brush and I feel its worth the rather hefty price point! The soft brush head ensures smooth blending of your foundation giving your makeup base full coverage.   

As I have mentioned before I have mixed views on Kevyn Aucoin products. The Precision Brow Pencil which I used in Brunette, comes in three other shades - Ash Blonde, Warm blond and Basic Brown. The pencil tip is very firm which is great for precise strokes, but I found if you pressed a little too hard or twist the end to far out it will snap off which is wasteful. On the flip side of this it is great for light feathery strokes and filling in gaps which allows you to build up the colour of your brows gradually and the lighter shades that are available are great for blondes too.

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