1 Jun 2014

Lazy Girl's Guide - Haircare

Hi beautiful people!

Here is my lazy girls guide to beauty - Hair care. I must apologise if some people find the products I favour expensive, but being a woman who is a bit older, and having been unable to use cheaper skincare as I have suffered with bad skin.  Which is not a good advert for a beauty professional, I have found that very few cheaper products work for me. After my course of Roaccutane though, I hope to try a few again especially as my MA workload will hopefully slow done in the summer! I also would like to do a diary of my treatments at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic to try to improve the acne scaring and pigmentation I am left with. As I am just generally a girl who might be a bit time management challenged, I have listed a few of my must haves! I love Fleur de Force but was gutted that she disliked her Oribe shampoo and conditioner she reviewed, although to be fair she did explain some their other products where praised, Josh Wood Atelier don't stock them for no reason after all, but I did agree that I wasn't a fan of all the products. After all, we are all different and I also found some didn't work for me. To get to the point these I love...

ORIBE - Royal Blowout - Heat styling Spray totally does what it claims! ' For the ultimate blowout. This mind-blowing, ultra-lightweight mist smooths even the worst behaved mop while speeding drying time. It also repairs split ends, nourishes, softens and strengthens hair, giving it healthy body and shine. Simply revolutionary.' I promise that since I used these products my hair is transformed! It grows faster, no dodgy ends and actually looks good. I have fine, wavy/fluffy hair but a lot of it. I would consider that this suits most hair types though.

As a time management challenged person I usually can't fit in the cute and sexy wavy hair look, so ORIBE Wave and Shine Spray works really well! Think tousled Alexa Chung look...Just don't go overboard or it will just look greasy and style. Living Proof Style Lab - Flex Shaping Hairspray - for damp or dry hair is a wonder. Eligibly a favourite of Jenifer Aniston, it is so natural but holds well and does not go crusty. Nothing more - I love it! The brush Tangle Teezer - Compact Styler handbag size, gold and black colour which comes in it's own bag, is perfect too!   

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I love how you take pictures. It makes your blog look so professional and sophisticated. I also reaally like your layout