26 Apr 2014

New - this works - skin deep golden elixir

After a bit of a wrestling match with the features of my new Nikon D610, I managed to upload the photos of my recent product reviews, so apologies if you get a bit bombarded with a series of them in the near future! 

The skin deep golden elixir by this works claims to be another shimmering body lotion, with a '24 carat gold' serum to age proof, hydrate and enhance the skin. Here is my tip: many shimmer products, though mainly ones used on the face, in terms of aesthetics tend to not be very flattering to an ageing skin and have the opposite effect. This product made me eat my words, as its subtle shimmer is extremely flattering and a must have for any holiday beauty bag. The lotion is rapidly absorbed and contains antioxidants and wrinkle reducing vitamin A. Shake well and massage into the skin for a sun kissed, golden glow.

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