30 Apr 2014

Powder with Power!

I find when choosing a powder for your particular skin type it can be a mine field! The lighter the better is the way to go, even if you are tempted to go heavy in order to cover up a blemished skin as it often highlights imperfections and looks caked over. It is best to use a small brush and blend carefully directly on the problem area very gently.

I found this product works really well. BY TERRY - HYDRA-POWDER is perfect for summer. This ultra fine loose powder, and it is very fine, so take care what you are wearing when you apply it, or your outfit will be wearing it too! Despite this small issue, this powder has a silky texture that fills and disguises fine lines and imperfections providing a smoother appearance to the skin. Its hydra-protective formula provides a subtle light matte finish that is perfect for hot sultry days. I thoroughly recommend it!


the style crusader said...

This product sounds really good. I'm rubbish when it comes to makeup. I just wear bronzer, blush and a bit of mascara everyday. That's about all I can handle. If I'm feeling super adventurous then I'll opt for a bit of lipstick. xx


Healing with Morgan said...

Hey, thanks for your feedback! That's great that you can get away with super light makeup, this powder is great, really soft and you only need to use a very small amount and it's still invisable! xx